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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  November 8, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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jean quan by a big margin. as we know on friday more results were released that showed jean quan actually pushing past perada once the ranked choice voting kicked we were supposed to find out the final results from the rank choice voting and then the registrar of voters changed his mind until releasing that until every single vote was counted. >> we're still cautiously optimistic. planning a victory party for our volunteers tonight. we understand tonight that we may not get results until friday. >> it's ten rounds of computer tabulations but today nearly one week after the election, the registrar of voters was supposed to determine a winner in the oakland mayoral race. this is the first time that voters in alameda county used the rank choice voting system and many agree that it completely shapes the way this election played out. >> so people are very used to just voting for their favorite candidate and that's it and this
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is just something they are not used to. >> ballots give voters the opportunity to pick their first, second and third choice candidates f.none of the candidates manage to secure 50% of the vote, then the computers will move to the next round. second choice candidates are counted, and the last place candidates are eliminated in search of a majority vote. the process goes on and on, round after round, until someone emerges as the winner. the city of san francisco has used the process since 2004 and it's also popular in places like australia and new zealand. some oakland voters say they didn't like it or didn't understand it. >> you know, we hear from people all the time that are unhappy with rank choice voting, and -- and it's important to understand it's the voters in these cities that approved it, and it was on the ballot as a ballot measure, and it was approved overwhelmingly. >> fair vote, an organization that supports rank choice voting says the system is generally used to avoid runoff elections in primaries.
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this time instead of holding a june election for two candidates and deciding in november, it was all done within the same vote, but we still don't have the answer. so what you have to bear in mind is that ranked choice voting is still very knew here in oakland. what jean quan told us just a few minutes ago is that according to her, there's some sort of memorandum of understanding between alameda county and the city of oakland that no results from the rank choice votes would be released until every single one was counted. why some results were released on friday showing quan in the lead is beyond us right now and quan didn't understand it either but now the city attorney is involved and apparently he was instrumental in putting the brakes on these results. we might not know who won until friday. live in oakland, tracy grant, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much and nearly a week after election day the race for state attorney
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general says too close to call. republican steve cooley remains a lead slightly, up 19,000 votes or 0.3 percentage points over san francisco district attorney carmela harris. about 2 million ballots remain to be counted. mostly damaged ballots and provisional ballots that were issued the day of the election. representatives for cooley and harris are obviously closely following this counting process. for complete election coverage go to our website at and click on prop zero where you'll find the latest updates from some of the best political insiders in the state. that's >> new tonight at 5:00 researchers in the bay area are taking part in a new ground breaking autism study that zeroes in on the possible connection between autism and digestion. a look now at how researchers are looking for a link. >> reporter: jonas may seem like any other 9-year-old, busy
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taking it to the hoop, but reality he's not like most kids. he suffers from severe autism. >> with autism the big issues we face are communications. jonas does not communicate verbally. >> reporter: while jonas does not speak he does communicate with his mother through sounds and hand signals. >> it's frustrating to him to not be able to communicate his thoughts, his needs. >> in the past most studies of autism have focused on behavior but one new study is looking at the symptoms. ucf medical center is taking part in the nationwide study which will give enzymes to a group of autistic children. the reason is many autistic children suffer from gastrointestinal problems or gi. >> others would say that the disorders are linked so that the gi symptoms can link to brain function and then to autism, so if you improve the gi function you improve how the brain is
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working. >> ucf doctor says about ten children will be given enzymes three times a day for 90 days. afterwards, they will look at whether other areas improved. >> such as serious and kind of concerning, however, that we want to considering anything when we know that there aren't really any dramatic treatments that we have right now. >> it's the kind of research that jonas' mom sally bram el is happy to see. >> so it's great to look at the biological precursors and potentially get to them and to the -- to some of the underlying medical issues that are kids so they can suffer with it. >> reporter: it's expected the nationwide study of 170 children will take about a year to produce the results with the hopes that by the end one more stone will be overturned. joe roetso jr., nbcbayarea news. >> it's one of 15 groups around the country taking part in this study. the overall study will follow
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170 kids between the ages of 3 and 8. the cdc estimates 1 in every 110 children has some form of autism. boys are four times more likely to have it than girls. warning signs include children who don't respond to their name by the time they are 12 years old or 12 months old. children who avoid eye contact and want to be left alone, as well as children with delayed speeched a language skills. still ahead, the critical new report on fast food chains and kids. that's coming up in just about eight minutes. >> and now to a story you'll see only on nbc bay area for the first time since the sentencing of johannes mesley his family is talking about the situation. his father todd sat down with nbc bay area this afternoon to talk about the sentence and how thinks son feels about it. the elderly messer ly said --
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>> the fact that he took another man's life, he knows it's a mistake and he'll be able to recognize that in his mind and he'll wake up every day knowing he took someone's life. >> you'll hear what the meserle family thinks about the protest and the message to the grant family tonight at 6:00. a san francisco man suspected of posing as a utility worker and killing a well-known publicist has been charge the with murder tonight. 43-year-old gary scott holland was also charged with attempted rape, robbery and burglary. prosecutors say holland went to 46-year-old kathleen horrens's apartment posing as a utility worker. she allegedly let him inside when he allegedly claimed he was checking a gas leak in this
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neighborhood. >> this defendant was a true predator and put himself out in a position of trust to that victim so she opened that door. >> police say the man was on parole for attempted murder in fresno at the time. he is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow morning. just into the newsroom, the man accused of stealing a dog from an eldly e owner in alameda is changing his initially he told police he sold the 5-year-old yorkshire terrier, but now investigators tell "the mercury news" the suspect abandoned the dog in a stockton park on neve 1st or 2nd. alameda police are now contacting animal control departments and noting that deuce has an identifying microchip in his shoulder. a reward fund of $1,200 is offered for deuce's safe return. >> kranz is closing one lane for inspections tonight at 8:00 and it will stay closed until 4:00 tomorrow morning. officials need to inspect cracks
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discovered on october 13th. contractors installed steel plates to stabilize that area around the damaged section. no one knows what cause that had crack. officials say it caused $1 million to repair it so far and could wind up costing more. the president of the university of california is proposing a new fee increase for students which would take effect next school year. the proposal is for an 8% hike which would translate to about $822 per year. that would increase the price for a year of schooling to over $11,000. fees added by individual campuses would raise the average yearly cost to over $12,000. the board of regents will consider the proposal at next week's meeting. >> time now to check on the weather. today was sin and dry, there is more rain on the horizon. meteorologist jeff ranieri here with all the different details. jeff? >> that's right. the latest system is already pushing here just offshore so let's get a look our biggest concern for tonight will be patchy frost with temperatures in the 30s.
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that's for the north bay. once again, it's patchy in nature. not expecting a widespread event but certainly cold temperatures in the north bail. meanwhile in the radar dry from the north and the south bay and however that next system is already taking shape just offshore which will bring us showers for tuesday. here are some of the other highlights. we'll be starting off cold once again with 37 to 43 degrees. shers throughout tuesday and also the cool air and the clouds will continue to increase. we'll detail the time line on this coming up in just a couple of minutes. >> also ahead at 5:00, a big man on campus. why george clooney decided stanford was the place he should deliver his message. >> also coming up, the costume controversy, why one child's dream costume turned into a might mayor for a parents. >> a shocking new report on falling asleep at wheels. a staggering number of people nodding off in the lane next to you maybe. >> and the study debunking common beliefs abo utewmoms, eep and brst feeding mo
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long before kids learn their abcs they know what the letter "m" signifies especially when it comes to the shape of golden arches. new research shows kids are being overloaded with the fast food ads and healthy options on fast food menus are often forgotten. >> reporter: there's a reason cars line up at fast food drive throughs. can you feed a family within minutes at a low cost and for a lot of people the food just tastes good but there may be another reason, too. advertising. a new study but yale researchers found that pre-schoolers see an average of three fast food ads a day, and the ads appear to work.
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nearly half the kids in the study ask their parents to go to a fast food restaurant every week but ordering a meal that's both tasty and healthy for kids can be difficult. >> one of the problems of the children's meals is that they tend to have large serving sizes and have too many calories for children of the ages that they are targeted to. >> reporter: using federal nutrition guidelines, the study found that out of more than 3,000 meal choice combinations, just 12 met those guidelines for the recommended amounts of fat, sodium and calories for pre-schoolers. >> we just need to make it easier for people when they go to restaurants to have a healthy meal without having to, you know, use a magnifying class in order to find it. >> reporter: places like mcdonald's offer healthier side items with their kids' meals like fruit but unless they ask they often receive the most popular side item, fries. ads targeting kids do meet certain nutrition requirement. in a statement a mcdonald's
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executive pointed to a happy meal that includes apple and low-fat milk saying 100% of our children's advertising in the u.s. features dietary choices that fit within the dietary guidelines for americans. >> a new study debunk a popular myth about breastfeeding. it turns out that mothers who breastfeed get the same amount of sleep as mothers who use formula. 80 mothers kept sleep diaries and wore devices that measured their nighttime sleep. researchers at west virginia university found no difference in sleep time between the two gruchts evidence shows that babies on breast milk metabolize it faster and tend to wake up more often, but doctors say that breastfeeding moms might doze as they nurse or get back to sleep faster than moms who use bottles. intoxicated or distracted drivers can certainly be a danger on the roads, and now a new study says drowsy drivers may also be a growing concern.
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a survey by aaa shows that more than 40% of drivers say they have fallen asleep or nodded off at the wheel at some point in their lives, and 11% of them say it happened within the last year, including some cases where drivers say they slept for more than a minute on a multi-lane highway. teenagers and men seem more likely to fall asleep behind the wheel. drowsy driving is considered a factor in 16% of all deadly crashes. >> now to an nbc news exclusive. tonight former president george bush gives his first tv interview since leaving office touching on a number of issues, including his drinking problem and hurricane katrina. >> a week after the storm hit nbc aired a telethon. >> yes. >> asking for help for the victims of katrina. we had celebrities coming in to ask for money and i remember vividly because i hosted it, and at one part of the evening i introduced kanye west. were you watching?
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>> no. >> do you remember what he said? >> yes, i did. he called me a racist. >> so how does former president bush describe that moment? tune in tonight at 8:00 right here on nbc bay area for that complete candid interview. should be interesting. >> all righty indeed. >> now, let's look forward to the week ahead. >> yes. >> halloween behind us, the world series is behind us. >> turkey day coming. >> i was going to say christmas but we have thanksgiving. teams like all the stores have switched ahead. >> chilly out there. it's crisp and cool. put a smile on my face and hopefully put one on yours, too. a nice way to start the week out there with clear skies after that rainfall we had on sunday. now right now with the clear skies, currently in place and also cold air, we do have a frost advisory, only for the north bay where we'll see temperatures going down into the 30s tonight and it will be patchy frost at best. right now a look outside here in oakland and it's absolutely clear, that sun setting, of course, earlier with our time
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change on sunday so if you go on time change, what, you're a little behind so make sure the clocks are in order. 62 right now there in oakland. all right. meanwhile right now, temperatures running about five to eight degrees below average with that cold system that moved through sunday and those clear skies currently in place. we have 55 in san mayato and 58 in san jose and just 60 in livermore, a day for the jacket it was. a day for the jacket as we head into tomorrow. not looking at any heat coming our way as we head throughout tuesday. we're putting showers back in the mix, and then ahead we'll get into a nice routine of some crisp and clear weather. the next system is pretty expansive, but thing that we're noting with this is a lot of forecast models have this continuing to head off to the north so we're going to get grayed by this storm system. won't be nearly as strong as this system on sunday. talking about more shower activity than anything that would lead us into periods of heavy rainfall so for tomorrow
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it's going to be cool with showers. temperatures remaining in the 60s and for wednesday we'll clear out with more crisp and clear weather returning. here's a look at a time line. starting off at 6:00 a.m., dry and as we head throughout the day, the early afternoon still dry. looks like it will be an afternoon event. showers starting to move into the north bay and heading down to the peninsula and south bay so we're not looking at a huge soaker for tomorrow, anywhere from 500-of-the-an inch. more trace amounts of rainfall to 500 so not a big storm but enough to change it up a lot from what we had today. chilly, cold out there. cranking all the heat up in the north bay with 30s to near 40. cold back here in the east bay an for the south bail. need extra play on the bed and if you have a fireplace, that would be nice to crank on. meanwhile here in the south bay, looking at upper 50s to near 60 degrees. feeling like the holidays.
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only a few more weeks until thanksgiving gets here. inland spots also remaining on the cool to cold spot upper 50s to 60, and also looking at 59 here in santa rosa. morning time on the weather channel on cable. you'll notice in our seven-day forecast that chance of showers once again for tomorrow. not a big storm and then by thursday, friday, saturday and monday, just in time for jetrance day, smooth sailing, sun, 60s. really. no big complaints coming from me if i want my approval. >> nor me. >> i think it's unanimous. >> still ahead at 5:00, clever or inappropriate? a child's halloween costume generating plenty of controversy on the internet. >> speaking out. michael jackson's mother gives her first interview since the pop star's death. >> and why rg beaking in th e speaking in theay b area tonight. we'll be right back. the black widow spider's severe bite
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can cause coma and even death. the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator cigarettes, produced by big tobacco, which take a life every six point five seconds. don't be big tobacco's next victim.
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actor george clooney is going to stanford. he hasn't enrolled. he's a guest speaker tonight on the subject of slents in the sudan. clooney has been an outspoken advocate for the troubled african nation. he is leading sold out forum on the subject tonight with human rights activist john trender gas. the title is "sudan, preventing the next war." clooney is behind an extensive campaign to ensure that the united states does not allow mass atrocities to happen in the sudan or darfur. >> michael jackson's mother talked about raising his kids today on the oprah show. katherine jackson says she wants to give those kids a normal childhood so she doesn't make them wear veils. prince and paris are in private school and blanket, he's being home schooled for now. the tensest moment is when oprah asked joe jackson about beating
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his children as michael had claimed. katherine jackson stepped in there. >> he used a strap, yes, he did use a strap. >> let me just ask you this. knowing what you know now, would you do it differently? do you think it would be a different kind of father? >> i would have punished them. it was to keep them out of trouble and jail. my kids never been in jail. >> jackson's eldest son prince says he wants to be a film director and his sister paris wants to be an actress. >> we'll right back with the haow ceementut'osha s stirring alost conversation tonight.
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one mother's blog about her decision to allow her 5-year-old
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son to dress up like a girl for a halloween pre-school party, she insisted on dressing as daphne and his mom sarah doesn't want to give her last name was surprised at negative comments she receives from other moms on her blog. >> i'm torn between the fact that i don't want my children to be teased. at the same time i don't want my children to feel that they always have to give in to what the world expects of them. >> i just want him to be happy and healthy and this is the form he chooses to express himself. that's fine. >> dean's son was recently featured in a magazine article. his mother wrote an article about his princess boy. regardless of behavior, 5 years old is way too early to determine a child's future sexual orientation. >> well, "nightly news" is coming up next. 00ss i. hal news is headed your
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